Meet your Masseur and Masseuse

Marvin Henry


LMT in the State of Massachusetts

Bryan Institute Alumni class of 2005.

Massage Therapy is “my calling” and

I have great passion and respect for

this form of healing .I have been

a Massachusetts State LMT

since 2005.Over the years my craft

has gained me access to various

cultures and different massage

modalities. Traditionally,I offer

Swedish,Deep Tissue,Reflexology

and Hot Stone My specialty is deep

heat massage .Deep Heat Massage

is most beneficial for people with

injuries and realigning tissues.Feel

free to contact us to discuss the best

massage therapy technique to fit your





Ingrid Duncan


I am a Team Member of


Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage

As a Team Member,it is my job to see that you get the best service we offer.

My specialties include Full Body Massage, Swedish Technique, Deep Tissue Massage, Pre-natal and Hot Stone Massages.
I have been a License Massage Therapist (LMT) for over seven years and have worked in many areas of my specialties.
It is with this passion ,I seek to offer my service to you.


License Massage Therapist (LMT)

Ingrid Duncan

Our Team has a combine of more than 20 years experience and have worked in many spa honing their skills and technique to offer superb service.

Chose a package under our bookings and we will be glad to serve you